About Diasporic Tendencies

"Where are you from?" Berkeley, where I've lived the last six years. The San Francisco Bay Area, California. Danville, where I went to high school, or Fremont, where my parents live. The United States, where I'm a naturalized citizen. But also Canada. Ottawa, where I was born. Montreal, where I learned that cultures can divide. Calcutta, where my grandparents live. Bengal, Indian and Bangladeshi, the ancestral homeland. South Asia, where my family resides.

The history of the twentieth century is the story of migration, urbanization, globalization, grand movements of people and ideas. I'm just another one of the countless yobs caught up in the process. Diasporic Tendencies is a place to dump random writing I've done over the past few years. Your comments are appreciated.

--Anirvan Chatterjee, diasporictendencies@diasporic.com.

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